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Sep 30, 2008
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I'm a third year US IMG that is studying in a 6 year European MD program and I'm interested in the field of Anesthesiology. As an IMG, I won't be able to get US clinical experience abroad, so I need to do some clinical Rotations in the US. Would I need to do clinical rotations specifically in Anesthesia or is any field ok? What are some good ways to find USCE and research opportunities in the US? I was looking on USMLE Sarthi, but what other ones are also good? I haven't taken step 1 yet, I will in December though.
Anesthesia would be best, but any field is better than nothing. That's easy.

The "how" part of your question is much harder, and if there was an easy way to do this then everyone would do it. European programs aren't really set up to give you USCE, and you basically have to find it yourself. My best advice would be to look at any academic hospitals near family/friends that you have in the US and see if they have any programs advertised.
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