US vs Australia vs Canada

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Jun 5, 2014
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Hello all!

I live in Portugal and am a 2nd year dental student. Because of the poor employment prospects here in Portugal and in Europe in general, I am considering the alternative to move to another university. The countries I am pondering are the US, Australia and Canada.
Which one do you believe would be the better option for me?
The following are the aspects I want to take into consideration:
- Burocracy getting into the dental schools (the less, the better obviously)
- Country with the easiest way to get financial aid for my studies
- Country with the best outlook of me getting a job as a dentist and eventually building my own practice (considering I am foreigner)

Thank you very much in advance!

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Do you hold citizenship or permanent residence status from any of the above countries? The reason I am asking is because as far as I know, all Canadian universities which offer the special program for international dentists, require the applicants to have Canadian citizenship/permanent residence. But without going further into details, I guess your best bet is the US amongst the three.
I practice in the US and there so much work and yes you make good money but the taxes are very high, I was considering Australia or Canada, they make more money over there.