USC Post Bacc

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Nov 21, 2006
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Hi all,

Has anyone taken the USC post bacc courses?

I want some advice. I wouldn't mind filling the requirements on my own, but this program seems like the only way to go. (I live in the Los Angeles area and don't want to move for school)

UCLA won't take non-degree students

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I've looked into the USC program as well, and I haven't heard anything about it, probably because it's new. I'm a little put off by the expense, though. As far as local alternatives, I know that Cal State LA also has a post-bacc program, and I think CSULB has a second bachelors program. Have you checked UCLA extension to see if they offer any of the courses that you need?
thanks for the reply.

ucla extension offered some classes but they dont come with a lab component. this is important i think
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I'm not sure if you need to fulfill all or just some of your prereqs, but have you looked into Scripps? Forgot to mention them in my previous post.
scripps costs as much as usc. correct me if i'm wrong
I mentioned Scripps only because I hear it's a very well-regarded program and it's around LA. Anyway, straight from the Scripps website:

Tuition Estimates for 2006/2007

Tuition for the Post-Baccalaureate Program is based on a total program fee, rather than individual course charges. Tuition charges include lecture and lab fees for the complete program. Textbooks are the student’s responsibility.

The 15-month Program—2006/2007:

2006 Summer $3,350
2003/2004 Academic Year $24,500
2004 Summer $3,600
Total Program Tuition & Books $31,450

The 12-month Program--2006/2007:

2006 Summer $3,350
2006/2007 Academic Year $24,500
Total Program Tuition & Books $27,850

The 2-year Program (Part-Time)—2006/2008:

2006-2007 Academic Year $12,250
2008-2009 Academic Year $13,230
Total Program Tuition & Books $25,480

Compared to USC:

Program Costs

What is the cost of the program?
PPP students pay on a per unit basis. For the 2006-2007 school year, cost is approximately $1,200 per unit. Typically students take 8 units (2 courses) per semester. Along with the per unit tuition, students are assessed laboratory and other fees and must pay for textbooks, so the total cost for one semester is approximately $10,000. If a student takes 8 classes over an 18 to 24 month period (summer session may be included), the total tuition costs will be approximately $40,000.
i checked out the scripps website. it does look pretty good. i couldnt find any info about calstate LA post bacc online. have you seen anything?