USC vs. Tufts

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Sep 1, 2003
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Hello everyone!

I know there are a lot of threads like this, but it would be nice to hear thoughts from fellow future dentists who know more about dentistry than my loved ones trying to keep me close to home....

Right now I am deciding between Tufts and USC. I am from San Diego and I would like to eventually practice in CA. I was impressed by both schools, each having their own +/- .

Tufts-I would love to go to Boston. It would be a GREAT learning experience to leave my comfortable home of 75 degree weather, family, and friends, but 4 years is a long time. (I need to see my family more than 4 times a year...) The "traditional" curriculum isn't as appealing as USC's PBL system. Most importantly, I'm worried about coming back to practice in CA.

As for USC... I was negatively biased toward it from the beginning of my application process b/c it was pushed on me from everyone around me. My uncle is an alumni, my best friend is there now, and it's only 2 hours away from home. I'm not trying to get away from home, but it's not a completely different culture like Boston is. At the interview, I really enjoyed myself and I was impressed by the school/PBL program, which makes this decision even harder. Lastly, I would be close to my family and friends, and things would be so damn comfortable (which is both good and bad)....

Yes I know this is a personal decision that only I can make depending on what I want to get out of dental school, yada yada, but I would appreciate any perspective from fellow predents. I don't want to go to Tufts, JUST to go to Boston, and I don't want to stay in CA b/c I will miss my family. Money isn't too much of a factor b/c I think it evens out. As far as I know, they're both great clinically. Any info/insight will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for listening everyone! Good luck!!!

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My .99 cents.

You sound like a family type person, and you did say you would love to stay with your loved ones and stay comfortable, and in your opinion, both schools have a very good clinical aspects... sounds that's enough to suggest that you should stay home and go to USC. You can always go to Boston if you love the city, but for school - it's completely a different experience.

Some mixed +/- from what I know about both schools which you may/may not want to consider:

USC: Nice weather, great clinicals, friends told me its an undergrad vibe school with a great football team, best place to be if you plan to practise in CA after school - especially with CA boards, not so good place if you have plans to practise in the east coast, very close to home if you are CA resident.

Tufts: Top clinical school, great location (downtown Boston), superior connections after DMD, facilities and faculty are top-notch, single digits temperatures (and many -ve ones) most of the academic year, not a school you would commute to with a car (the T is a great public transportation though), not so good to prepare CA boards there (although tutorials are available), being far from home if you are from the west-coast might not make you comfortable.

Good Luck

P.S. I would stay home and go to USC over Tuts.
I think you answered your own question.

(But hey, go to Tufts so I can take your USC seat - j/k! :D )
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I had the same impression that sxr got......that you've already made your decision.

Hey.....if you are dying to live in Boston, you know you always have the opportunity to do a GPR/AEGD residency or speciality training in Boston for 1-2 years after you gradute from USC......
There is no school that fits into all your expect. If you think it is important to be close with your family, then, choose USC. If you want to experience new culture, then choose Tufts. There should be one upper than the other.
Thank you everyone for responding! When I read over the post, it did sound like I already made my decision, but it's still so hard. I always want to challenge myself and be uncomfortable so that I can learn, but I also don't want to purposely make my life harder than it has to be... does that make sense? I hope I have other opportunities to live outside of CA, but not for such a large/intense time. What's a girl to do??? =)

Thanks again everyone!
If I were you I would stay in CA. There are many others who wish to be in your position. I mean the comparison has been made time and again and the consensus has been drawn. Besides you have all the family support there. Going to Tufts means throwing away any advantage you might have and starting from scratch, like everybody else.

I can understand that you would like some kind of challenges but 4 years commitment is a long time. It really takes a short amount of time, at most 1-2 years, for one to dislike a place. You will have plenty of challenges in dental school, and let?s take one step at a time.

Also I want to stress that weather is a huge factor, as mentioned by others. Imagine that you are walking towards school in the morning, expecting a long day?s hard work, in a typically cloudy or rainy day. Studies have shown that females are more prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder. No kidding here.