Using Digital Voice Recorders

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Dec 2, 2001
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Anybody use DVRs to record lectures? Any recommendations before I buy one? After 7 straight hours of hematology today, I'm sure I missed a few key points, if not all of 'em.

Welcome back, folks.

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I used to use a digital recorder that recorded directly to mp3 or wma (windows media). The one I specifically used was by Pogo (search for it on Amazon), although there were others that do the same job. These are flash memory based players by the way.

HOWEVER, I think it's a waste of time to go through audio... usually lectures take longer than they need to, plus it's hard to find the specific timepoint that you're looking for. I think it's a better use of time to either look something up in a book or to ask one of your friendly classmates.
I was a digi listener all last year. I find it really helpfull. I use the Sony MSd5105 (i think thats the #) 250$. You can insert a memory stick up to 128 MB which gets you around 20hrs. You can drop it onto your computer and then burn MP3 CDs or load on to MP3 player. I always listen when Im just walkin to class or whatever. Otherwise, Olympus is really good too and cheaper. After using it last year I find it more helpfull with logic based classes rather than straight memorizing, but I cant tell you how many times i remembered something I listened to that wasnt in notes and was on the test. I guess it compensated for my slow handwriting.
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I am one of two first year students who record nearly all of our lectures. We have a DV camcorder in the projection booth that we record Real Media files with. We then allow students to download or stream these lectures. The audio is extremely usable (we grab the mic feed directly), but some of the smaller text in the slides get hard to read.

I highly recommend that interested people pressure their schools to set up a similar program.
We digitally record our lectures through our noteservice to MP3 direct to computer.

Streaming video? I know UMiami does that... how do the prof's feel about that? Most of ours are too anal to even give up powerpoints most of the time...

In theory each lecturer knows that he/she may be recorded, although I don't think they are individually notified. So far we've only been going for 4 weeks, but nobody has had a problem with it yet.
at NYCOM, we get most lectures put on streaming video, i find it v.useful cause i can "go to class" on my own time and if i didn't understand som, i can rewind and listen again. i like it cause i HATE going to lectures.