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Jun 4, 2008
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How do you all feel about pretty much using only UWorld to prep for step 2 CK? I am in the middle of my second core rotation now and have done a few hundred UWorld Q's and will continue doing them throughout my third year rotations. I feel as if by the time I get home from my day at the hospital, and do a few UWorld Q's, I pretty much have very minimal time to do any other extra reading. I do use the Toronto Notes as a study tool, but I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to find time to "keep up" with UWorld Q's for my current rotation, and read another source. Of course there are topics that UWorld asks about that you need to have basic knowledge of that UWorld doesn't really "teach", because it expects you to know it, but for the most part, would you think it's enough to nail
step 2 (240+) ??? Thanks for your advice.


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Jun 19, 2005
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Don't feel bad if you don't have the energy every day to do UWorld questions in the middle of 3rd year. You could save alot of it for a lighter rotation at the end, since you won't be taking Step 2 until after 3rd year, right?

Since you haven't completed all of your core rotations yet, it's too early to say exactly what you'll need to do to prepare for Step 2. My advice: focus on each individual shelf exam (using whatever sources work for you), do some UWorld as you go if you find it helps, and then take an NBME at the end of MS3 to see how much studying you have left. Then, if you're already >220, you could just finish up UWorld and be fine. Otherwise, maybe add Step 2 Secrets.


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While UWorld covers the material at a Step II depth level pretty well, it is woefully inadequate for some of the shelf exams. So to answer your question, UWorld is enough to nail a 240+ on Step II, provided you already learned he material adequately during your rotations (i.e. don't use it as your primary study tool during rotations). For example, the surgery questions on UWorld will get you through Step II just fine, but if you rely on them for the shelf you're gonna regret it. "Surgery" in step II is really "trauma", but the surgery shelf is much much more broad than that. So if I were you, I would stop doing any UWorld questions right now, and instead focus on shelf materials and really master those. That way, you'll be in good shape to use UWorld as a quick review right before Step II.

The only exception to this plan would be for the Medicine Shelf. UWorld covers medicine extremely well, so you can lean on Uworld a little more for that one.
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