USMLE 2 and COMLEX 2......KAPLAN??


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May 21, 2001
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ok i am taking usmle 2 and comlex 2 in august.....for those of you that scored above 240 (USMLE) and above 90th percentile (COMLEX), did you take kaplan?.....i am not hearing much about kaplan for part 2 and was kind of curious about what ppl thought about the course.....took it for step 1...thought it was ok..nothing great.....scored high 90's on both exams (will be applying to top MD gas programs in fall).....any advice would be greatly appreciated........thank you.....

oh yea....if i didnt go with kaplan, i was going to use the following

1. crush
2. B and W
3. NMS ?'s
4. Q Bank
5. all the other books i used during third yr exit exams (blueprints for ob gyn and peds, 1st aid for med, etc.)
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