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May 31, 2002
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How does the USMLE CD of 150 practice questions compare to the real thing?
I'm only one day away from taking my step 1 and I just finished the 150 questions and they are so much easier and shorter than Qbank questions.
For those of you who have completed both the real test and the 150 practice questions-how do they compare?



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Jun 11, 2002
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I'd say that the USMLE Practice questions were similar to the actual exam. Qbank can be picky at times, so that might be why you think it is easier. But if you score >65% on USMLE practice CD, you should be fine. If you score >70%, you will do great. When you get done with that CD, you want to dissect out all the questions because some of the qs on the actual exam are the same -- just worded differently. The topics presented in the CD are all relevant.

Focus on the pharm questions, i.e., drug X and drug Y etc. They love those kind of questions. And of course, the behavioral science....what do you say type of questions (just get BRS behavioral science -- there is a nice chart on what to do about that kind of question).

Just relax, and even if you think you are blanking out, you will be amazed how much you know and remember. Best of luck.

And for anatomy, I thought using the Clinical Vignette series was the best thing I did. Just read those ~100 cases and take notes on the concepts presented. That's all you need. No High Yield or the worthless and detailed BRS anatomy.
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