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Jun 29, 2014
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Im seeking advice on course of action. Im a DO student on rotations currently and want to sit for USMLE. I've taken the COMLEX and scored average.

Resources Ive used are UWORLD (been through 1.5x), Pathoma, Sketchy Micro and FA. I really didn't read FA cover to cover per se, rather focusing on UWORLD & other resources above.

I realize rotations will make studying for USMLE difficult but its needs to be done. I also don't feel as though doing UWORLD is beneficial since I was scoring high 80s and 90s on my second pass but did not excel on the COMLEX.

So I guess what Im asking is suggestions for a course of action. I plan to go through First Aid because I feel I have a grasp on big picture topics but need to nail down details regarding each. Question banks Im thinking is Kaplan followed by UWORLD most likely. I plan to sit in 3 months. Just asking for thoughts/suggestions. Thank you all.