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Nov 5, 2015
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Hey guys, I just wanted some advice. I am a US IMG currently completing my residency training in England that finishes in August this year (did my degree in the UK).

I have looked into the USMLE change and apparently if you take the exam before Jan 2022 they will still report it as a 3 digit score. I was thinking of a change in strategy (currently studying for Step 2CK) and spend this year for USMLE Step 1 then do USMLE step 2 so I am not at a disadvantage when I apply for 2023 match (as I will only have P/F score vs others that may have numerical) although I am pretty much starting from scratch esp with basic sciences as my med school teaching wasn't great.

I plan to study part time during residency until August 3rd, then do 4 months dedicated prep so I can take the exam in December then do step 2 CK next year instead. Do you think this is adequate time? Or should I stick to my current strategy?

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