USMLE & Shelf Tutoring and Premed Admissions Essay/Interview/Prep Services

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Aug 16, 2016
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Hi Ya'll!
I am a current 4th year med student at a southeastern school in the United States. I would like to offer my tutoring and admissions services for current medical students, or premedical students looking to enter the field!

I have 10 years of private tutoring experience.
My scores: (I can provide you my score report to show as proof.)
Step 1 254
Step 2 CK 259
NBME Shelf exams: >90% percentile% OBYGYN, Psychiatry, Neurology, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine

What makes me different than all those big shiny test companies? Well.... for starters, I'm a real person who literally JUST took step 2 CK 1 month ago (scores came out 3 weeks after the test, crazy fast). I had to reschedule my step 2 multiple times due to COVID so I really feel your pain, and I had to re-do my step study schedule multiple times to accomodate for that. I'm not that far out from Step 1 and still use a lot of that knowledge because I teach a NBME/USMLE style review at my school for other students. I also have all my study materials still,ie. saved sketchymed PDFs, Pathoma, FA, BnB etc.

I also have 10 years of private tutoring experience and really love working with students! I've found through the years that sometimes, all you need is for someone to just sit down with you and really figure out what's holding you back. I want to help you reach your full potential in a systematic, thoughtful way tailored to you.

Pricing: 85$/hour with discount for multiple sessions. Meet via Skype or Webex

Admissions Services

I also offer admissions help for premeds. I know how hard it is to get in, because I had to apply twice and take 2 gap years. But if you just look at my test scores above (and there are many other things I've been grateful to achieve in leadership, clinical learning, community service, and research), it is proof that the admissions process is not perfect...it misses out on people who can thrive and blossom in medical school-- if only you can make it past the rigorous admissions committee.

I want to help you play this game to YOUR advantage and crush the application cycle. Having to apply twice gave me so much insight, after talking to adcoms who gave me feedback on what worked and what didn't. The second time I applied, I was accepted by November, and just cruised through the rest of my gap year, peace of mind and resting easy.

From essay writing to interview preparation, and holistic application review and feedback, I hope to help you achieve your dreams. I have mentored and helped multiple other people in med school applications, as well as pharmacy school and I loved it!

Pricing: Flat rate of 100$ per Personal Statement with unlimited edits.
50$ per secondary essay with unlimited edits.
Interview prep and admissions guidance: pricing will vary per level of involvement.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or message me here.

Thanks for checking out my post!
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