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Sep 13, 2007
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I'm an MS3 (going into MS4 in 3 months)from outside the US medical school. I'm planning to take a USMLE step 1exam sometime in July-August, I want to know the BEST sources to study from and get above average score.

What are the best books out there? because I'm going to order them online and they're gonna cost me a fortune, so if you guys can give me some advice, I would appreciate it.

Also, are they enough to study from or should I go back to my Snell, Robbins, etc? And what is the time needed to prepare for it?

I have 2 surgery exams, IM final, 2 OSCEs and there isn't much time to prepare.

Note: I'm in a combined BA/MD program, did 1 year of premed and now I'm in my third year medical year. And 2 years to go before I become an intern so I'm nervous about USMLE, I feel I'm running out of time.


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Aug 20, 2006
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Are you taking a year off or something, you're taking the usmle in july/august before MS4 and doing the residency match almost at the same time?

You can find the answers about books if you look around the forum or use the search feature for a given subject. It's up to you to decide how in depth you want to go. FA is really the only necessity. Most also use Goljan and other books depending on subjects they want to review more in depth. If you really have no clue, a practice exam can be a good place to start to see areas you're weak in.