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Hey guys,

I took step one in 2011 and scored a 257. I followed that up with a 272 on step 2 and a 252 on step 3. US graduate from a state school. Now an EM attending.

Either way, I get private messages regarding a schedule that I used during our dedicated prep time for step 1. I dug this off an old server of mine to send to someone who requested it today. I figured I would post it here for future medical students.

In the end, having a schedule/plan and sticking to it is likely the best thing to do. Make you life easier and simplify your prep period to focus on a few resources (ie don't try and do all the qbanks in existence). Everyone has different ways of learning, so think about that before you take on something like this.

On a side note:
I annotated everything into First Aid (Goljan, BRS, HY series, etc)
All Uworld questions were referenced and annotated into their respective place in First Aid (not just the right answer but all of the options)
I did Uworld in 21 days and reviewed the incorrect answers in that last two week stretch while going page by page through First Aid. For me this was where the money was in regards to score increases and knowledge retention.
We had a special Kaplan pharm review course offered to our school. It was 8-12 for 3 days. It was alright.

I studied from 8am -5pm daily with a lunch break. Sometimes I worked at night. No breaks as you can see.

Hope this is useful!

USMLE step 1 schedule.JPG
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