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Oct 17, 2002
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IF USMLE step 1 was the ONLY criteria in determining the competitiveness of a residency, what would the rank order of specialties look like from most competitive to least????? In other words, what did the AVERAGE USMLE Step 1 scores look like for applicants who MATCHED into each particular specialty???? Does anyone know????? Where can this info be found????? Since many times people answer the wrong question, here's what the answer I'm looking for should look like:

1) neurosurgery 240
2) derm 238
3-19) ######
20) family practice 200
*this is only an example of the TYPEof answer i'm looking for. i made up these fields and numbers based on WILD GUESSES on my part.

Another thing: I realize one specialty may be more competitive than another despite having lower board scores because there are MANY other factors which determine competitiveness such as # of people applying, self-selections, etc. This question obviously does not take those factors into account.


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May 30, 2002
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here is what someone on a different thread thought about the subject:

Emergency Medicine: >220+
Internal Medicine: >205
Ophthalmology: >225+
Anesthesiology: >210 (I've heard ranges from 'passing' to '>240')
PM & R: >200
Ortho: >230+
General Surgery: >215
ENT: >235
Dermatology: >240+
Peds/FP/ObGyn/Psych: >185
Radiology: >225+

*These are not MY opinions (I have no info to support or refute these), they are just someone's guesses.
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