USMLE Step1 Course prep

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Sep 26, 2022
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Hi everyone,

I'm seeking advice to make an informed decision on which Step 1 course prep to choose. Our school gives us almost 8-10 weeks to take the Step 1 exam, and we have to complete it by the end of February.

In the past year, I faced academic difficulties and had to retake courses. In my retakes, I performed much better, usually achieving the median score of the class. I'm concerned about Step 1 preparation since our school expects us to create our own plan for the dedicated, and during the dedicated period, we are somewhat on our own and usually they do not check on us.

While many students can successfully plan their dedicated study period, I feel I need extra help to ensure I'm on the right path. I used Princeton Review for my MCAT and was satisfied with their structured course, helping me achieve a relatively good score.

Given my background, I know I need a similarly structured course for Step 1. My school counselor recommended IOMB, but she also suggested mentioning her name for a discount. This made me uneasy as it seemed like she might gain a financial benefit, potentially biasing her recommendation, though she appears genuinely nice.

Upperclass friends recommended Pass Program and Hygrue. So, my question is, which one of these programs would be a better option for someone with time constraints and a history of academic difficulty? I truly appreciate your input. Thanks!

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I actually really like both of these programs. Pass is a proven system that gives you legit tools to attack standardized tests going forward. Plus it's been around forever. HYGuru I don't know much about in terms of courses, but he's actually a friend of a friend, and everyone says he's a wonderful person and great teacher. I'm sure either would be helpful provided you apply yourself.

To play devils advocate, I'd consider if a COURSE is the right approach. Given your past difficulties, you might benefit more from one-on-one coaching, something that will help identify your individual situation and how to fix it. As long as it includes the detailed schedule you need, etc. One or both of those programs might have that individualized touch, so just check into the degree of direct supervision you would have. Might be worth paying for that level if diagnosis, planning and instruction. Either way, good luck!