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Jul 23, 2009
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So, I have been trying to use the Rx question throughout the year doing 10-20 questions a day. I have tried only doing questions that are relevant to coursework, but even with narrowing the questions down to Organ System and Discipline the questions are still going all over First Aid. I just made one test recently that was only cardiology questions, but I also got questions from other sections like reproduction and renal (they were still related to the heart). The reference pages from first aid were in those sections and it was basically direct recall.

How do you guys use the question banks to go over just the stuff you have studied in class or recently reviewed? Does Kaplan do a better job of categorizing questions to specific sections of first aid? Ideally, I would want to be able to just read on something like Gastrointestinal anatomy and only get questions related to those sections in first aid. Is there a better way to do questions throughout the year?


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Feb 27, 2011
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If you don't want questions that tie in other organ systems, you probably shouldn't be using a board prep Qbank. I use USMLErx, but only a few days before an exam. By doing that, I have already studied everything for that organ system. It's just testing to see what I know. If we never covered a question I have in USMLErx in class, I'll look it up in First Aid and see what I'm missing.
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Yeah using during USMLERx throughout the entire block is difficult, it isn't meant to teach you material from your classes. Like the poster above said, I use it the day or two before my exam.