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Sep 27, 2002
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Hi- just wondering if anyone out there has an opinion about which branch is "better" (especially for docs with families) in the military- army or air force? Any opinions? I have heard from a military spouse forum that the air force is generally considered to provide a better standard of living, and that the Army is more strict about "military stuff", whatever that may mean... I have also heard that the Army deploys more often than the Air FOrce, but that if you're with the air force you are pretty much guaranteed to spend at least a couple of years stationed oversees (to which your family may accompany you...) I have also heard that you should plan to move about every 3 years or so with both branches... ANy other information out there? thanks!


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Jan 27, 2002
New York
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FWIW i've also heard that from a standard of living perspective, the AF is way better than the army.
Someone I know was deployed to Saudi Arabia (I think).
it averaged like 110. The AF guys worked in buildings with A/C and were housed in A/C barracks.
the army guys were in tents.
I'd go with AF.
lol - read their website. they say, all AF personel are qualified in small arms (M16s, Colt 45's...) but we hope they never have to use them!
thats the service for me
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