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Wondering who has applied to USUHS, and what kind of stats you had, and if you got an interview, and if you were accepted. I am just curious as to know what kind of acceptance rate USUHS has. And if there is anyone out there who attends USUHS, le tme know how it is. And anyone who has been there for interviews. I am seriously considering this route.
Thank you


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Oct 14, 2000
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According to the 2003-2004 Medical School Admission Requirements, for the class beginning in 2001:

Applicants: 1,765
Interviewed: 499
Entrants (not total accepted): 167

Stats for those entrants:

mean GPA 3.52
mean MCAT 9.7
mean age at time of application: 23.8 years
33% women

The personal statement on the application must describe your knowledge of and interest in a career in the service.

Graduates are expected to serve on active duty as medical officers for not less than 7 years as well as 6 years inactive ready reserve. Internship and residency training time do not count as satisfying the 7 year obligation. A student dropped from the program for acdemic deficiencies or other reasons may be required to perform active duty in an appropriate military capacity for a period equal to the time spent into the program. A disenrolled student may also be required to reimburse the government for tuition and fees.

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