UTEP DPT Acceptance and Books

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Feb 5, 2013
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Is anyone else out there from the UTEP DPT program? I'll be starting this summer and wanted some tips and wanted to see if any 2nd years have books they want to donate :D or sell

I got an email about medical terminology (PT6202) and saw the Quinn & Gordon and Curits books online but it would seem cheaper to just scoop it up from one of you. Here are the books I'm looking for...

Quinn L, Gordon J. Functional Outcomes: Documentation for Rehabilitation, 2nd ed. St. Louis, MO: Saunders; 2010. ISBN 978-1-4160-6221-9

Curtis K. Physical Therapy Professional Foundations: Keys to Success in School and Career. Thoroughfare, NJ: Slack; 2002. ISBN 1-55642-411-6

Anyone else attending the financial aid session on April 5? Where you at class of 2015?!?!?! :p

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Hey Firebird79,

I'll be joining you in El Paso this summer! I never got an e-mail regarding books or anything, I only received an e-mail from Dr. Diaz of a pending date for orientation. Are you from El Paso? I'm from the Dallas area so I will be house hunting pretty soon.

Its nice to meet you!
Yo! Nice to see you on the SDN! Yeah I'm here in EP. Dr. Diaz sent out an email a couple of days a ago aobut a financial aid session in April then about one of our first courses, Medical Terminology. She was sending out info on behalf of our professor and she listed two books we will need and recommneded that we start dusting off our skills because we'll have a test on the second day of school. I wonder if she only sent it out to people who asked about the financial aid session...hmmm...her email subject was "a little info." Below are the books and resources she said we'd need. Also, if you need any help or have any questions about housing just let me know. SEE YOU SOON!!!

Required texts/sources for PT 6202:

Quinn L, Gordon J. Functional Outcomes: Documentation for Rehabilitation, 2nd ed. St. Louis, MO: Saunders; 2010. ISBN 978-1-4160-6221-9

Curtis K. Physical Therapy Professional Foundations: Keys to Success in School and Career. Thoroughfare, NJ: Slack; 2002. ISBN 1-55642-411-6

American Physical Therapy Association. Guide to Physical Therapy Practice. 2nd ed. Washington D.C.: APTA; 1999. ISBN 978-1-887759-85-4 – online version is FREE

Online APTA Resources available free to members, including:
APTA Learning Center: Professionalism Module 1- Introduction to Professionalism

APTA Learning Center: Professionalism Module 2 – History of Professionalism in Physical Therapy
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Okay, never mind, the e-mails by Dr. Diaz and Dr. Pechak were in my spam box! So is there apartments or student housing you recommend around the area? I was looking at places like Terrace Hills and Wallington Plaza. I am aiming for less than $500 rent.
Oh and these two books you mention can be purchased on Chegg.com for about $20 each used!

•Quinn L, Gordon J. Functional Outcomes: Documentation for Rehabilitation, 2nd ed. St. Louis, MO: Saunders; 2010. ISBN 978-1-4160-6221-9

•Curtis K. Physical Therapy Professional Foundations: Keys to Success in School and Career. Thoroughfare, NJ: Slack; 2002. ISBN 1-55642-411-6
I am also starting in summer...I ordered the books from amazon. Are you guys going to financial aid orientation? & I am from Houston, so am planning to live on campus housing...Have you heard anything about it? :)
Congrats 15s! I'm one of the 13s and we are so excited to have y'all as the newest members of our program. I can look in my apartment once I finish up the semester next week for old books that y'all may want, I already sold a bunch back on Amazon though. I'd recommend Amazon for buying books and not living on campus--as grad students, you'll probably want to get away from the undergrad scene and have some peace and quiet to study. If y'all have any questions, PM me!
Thank you so much for your input :)
Do you know other places that will be better for living? security and convenience wise?
and how to like UTEP? Any tips for us? Do we sign up for classes or do they pick our schedule?
I'd look on the west side of town for apartments, there are several that are right off I-10 and only a 10-15 minute drive to campus. I'd wait and see what the faculty tell you as far as signing up for classes, in semesters past our department secretary signed us up for classes but that changed this semester and it was somewhat disastrous. Not sure what you meant by how to like UTEP, but if you have specific questions I'd be happy to answer them via PM!
Hey everyone! I'm a 15 starting this summer also! :) I'll be attending the fin aid session on the 5th! I've ordered my books from amazon & got the APTA membership. I haven't started reading or the modules yet. I was wondering about registration also. I know the date for Grad students opens this Monday April 1st! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!
I'll be at the financial aid session on friday and I found the books on Half.com at really good prices. Total for both books was about $44 but I've only gotten the documentation book in. The other is maybe being shipped :confused: I'd go with sticking to the west side of town because it's best but you can get away with living near Cielo Vista Mall, near the airport. It would be like a 10 minute drive to school and the prices may be a little cheaper around there. The area is really good as well. I think that may be the only area you will be able to find a <$500 rent. I wouldn't recommend going any farther east than hawkins or any farther west than sun land park (Sunland park Mall area) though because then you'll run into traffic but don't worry, we don't have dallas or houston traffic. So I guesss what i'm saying is keep it between the two malls we have in town and you should be ok. hahaha See you guys on Friday!

I just got accepted into the DPT 2016 class and in search of my books I found this forum. So I am in the same boat you guys were in last year, looking for books. Is anyone interest in unloading or selling their old ones? Looking for:

Before We Are Born: Essentials of Embryology and Birth Defects, 8th. Edition
Berne and Levy Physiology
Guide to Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Practice, 3nd. Ed.
Acute Care Handbook for Physical Therapist, 4th. Edition
Principles and Techniques of Patient Care, 5th. Ed.
Physical Therapy Professional Foundations: Keys to Success in School & Career
Functional Outcomes: Documentation for Rehabilitation. 2nd. Edition
Spanish for Physical Therapist
Trail Guide To the Body
Congrats TGSDPT! I just unloaded some of my books with one of your classmates so I'm out but I'll let you know that you don't need to buy the research book. Just rent that book because you'll need it for tests and exams but after that you pretty much won't use it. I didn't really use the Acute care book during the summer but have been using it a little this spring. So you can probably get away without buying it now but just know you'll probably need it in the future. Plus, the prof mentions it's a great book to take when you go out on your clinical rotations. Don't buy the spanish book. How can I put this...there are other resources you can access. When you get here let me know and we can talk more about that. Plus, you aren't really tested on the spanish terminology. The prof likes you to start practicing your spanish but your grade won't depend on you becoming fluent. The before we are born book is probably the most crucial to doing well in embryo and it's an excellently written book but we weren't required to buy another one for the class. Let me know if you got any other questions. I still got my books so as you continue through you can scoop some up from me. Good luck and get cracking at the medical terminology because, if I'm not mistaken, you guys have a quiz the first day of class. It's not hard but you need to know the terms! Oh and enjoy the free time you have now because it can get a little crazy when you start!
Awesome! Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it. I saw you attended the Financial Aid Workshop last year, was it worth it or was it a general overview of applying? I live in Las Cruces so the commute to attend is not that bad but if its not necessary than I figured I'd save myself the trip.
Nah, don't bother! I came and it was a waste. I had some money saved up and thought it might be enough for the program but wanted to know what the total dollar amount would be for the entire program. Long story short, no answer. It's more of a "apply to financial aid for school on the fafsa website" kind of thing.