UTHSCSA...How did you get in?!?

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by Cofo, Apr 30, 2007.

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    For those of you who did get into this dental school, HOW DID YOU DO IT?

    - what was your GPA
    - what was your DAT score?
    - what was the interview like? A piece of cake?
    - what were some of the interview questions?
    - what did you talk about mostly in your interview?

    I want to go to UTHSCSA soooooooo badly. I love San Antonio, it is my favorite town. Oh yea...I like the school too...?...
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  3. TexDDS

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    Jan 26, 2007
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    Dental Student
    You can check out my stats at predents.com

    The interview stress level was not high. The student interview was cake. Very laid back. My "real" interviewer seemed a bit cold and was at times confrontational about my reasoning for getting a second degree. I just had to relax on the inside and be confident about my decisions while always remaining truthful.

    There were no specific questions besides "why dentistry" or "what specialty." I got a lot questions about psychology but that was because of my first degree.

    The best thing is to go to San Antonio and tour the school. Do it a couple of times. I actually went 3 separate times and Dr. Thomas knew me by name. Get active in your Pre-Dental Society. The leadership I displayed with mine was a huge plus. Check out the website, find something that interests you about the school and ask questions about it. Show an interest in all things dental.
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    My cumulative gpa was 3.86 and science gpa was 3.89 and my DAT AA was a 22.

    The interview was easy. It felt less like an interview and more like a casual conversation with a student and professor at the school. The most common question is "Why do you want to be a dentist?" and then things go from there.

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