Dec 5, 2013
I have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to UW and UPenn and am still trying to decide which school to attend. If there are any current students from these two schools that could give me some insight into their program that would be greatly appreciated. I'm a WICHE applicant and will be OOS for both programs and the cost of tuition will be approximately $30,000 cheaper at UW over the four years. I loved both programs and the great reputation that both have of producing competent clinicians, but am having some difficulty deciding. I'm definitely interested in specializing (OMFS particularly) and believe that both schools would give me the opportunity to do so. Here are a few questions that I have: Does your program have a strong patient base? How are the patients disbursed among the students? Who schedules the patients? I know how many students specialize at UPenn, but does anyone happen to know how many students specialize at UW (OMFS)? I know that UPenn has a required 4 week externship, but does UW allow you some time to do a few externships? Any insight into any of this would be very helpful, Thanks!