UWORLD and COMLEX... advice needed

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Apr 10, 2010
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i'm taking comlex on 8/20, and so far i've been studying almost exclusively from UWORLD.
I used COMBANK at first but i found that I wasnt really learning from the questions, and i liked Uworld's explanations better.
So far, i've been skipping biochem and embryo section in UWORLD cuz they are supposedly not high-yield on comlex. I plan to memorize the important enzyme deficiencies, and utilize my time studying other things...
so far, I find pathophys on combank very straight forward (although I didnt do many of them...), and Uworld very very challenging (scoring anywhere between 50%-70%...), but i guess i'm learning from those questions and trying not to get too disheartened...
I also find anatomy section on UWORLD pretty straight forward too....
What areas should I focus on?
Do you think microbiology and pharm section on UWORLD are representative of what's on COMLEX?
also, I plan on using Savarese' green book for OPP...
I'd really appreciate any suggestions!

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