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Nov 3, 2006
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Did anyone else see PBS nightly news last night with the head of the VA really trying to defend the VA and it's screening of TBI? For all of you with TBI experience, can you shed some light on why it's hard to screen for severe and moderate TBIs? And why the VA doesn't do it? He made it seem like we (either the VA as we or us humans as we) don't understand TBI that well.

Or any other thoughts on the issue....

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Dec 14, 2005
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I stumbled onto this show the other night and was excited for the possibility of discussing the subject matter with friends and family. I've noticed that the piece has significantly opened the door for the public to acknowledge the scope of injuries we'll see, just under the umbrella of TBI, as our military returns.

Kind of off topic, but was anyone else surprised by the itty bitty quote for the number of amputations that have been reported for the entire war? I don't think I believe this one, but they said... 600!?!?!?
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