Jun 13, 2012
Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster here. Just looking for some advice as I have an interview with the VA coming up for a night pharmacist position. My concern is that I have to fly out of state for the interview, but it's only going to be a 1 hour interview.

Does this indicate that they are interviewing me as a courtesy, but have already decided against hiring me? Or is it because I am a good fit and they are also doing it as a courtesy before hiring? It seems that this can fall both ways.

Also, does anyone know if the content of the interview is standardized between all the VA's or that each has their own list of questions? Is there a clinical component, or is it all behavioral based?

Thanks in advance!


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May 27, 2008
Which VA? Is this a 7 on 7 off position for which they had 2 vacancies? I hope you are interviewing for our position :) we really need night pharmacists stat, so dayshift people like me don't have to rotate through graveyards!

The interview format is not standardized, but many VAs have clinical questions/cases. I believe I had 3 cases when I had my interview for my current position. I am surprised that they didn't offer you a phone interview, as some VAs do that for people that are coming from far away. Hourlong interviews are not uncommon for VA. Ours is typically about 1-1.5 hours, depending on the position. I have even had a 40 minute interview at another VA. Some VAs are hiring for many positions due to new VACAA funding, so they don't have time for long interviews.
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