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Hello guys and gals-

Just a question of curiosity.....Is it true Vanderbilt gives interviews to all the applicants it offers secondaries to? I was wondering because my secondary has been sent in a while ago and i still haven't heard from them in regards to an interview.

Also, can people start posting, just off the top of their heads, the names of schools that screen when they offer their secondaries?

Best of luck to everyone, Oct. 15th is fast approaching...

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Sep 13, 2002
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No...Vandy decides whether to interview applicants based upon your primary application. One only needs to fill out the secondary application in the event that you have been chosen for an interview. I know...I interviewed there last year and their request for an interview came before my secondary was sent in.

Some vandy applicants even chose to hand carry their secondary with them and turn it in the day of their interview.

This is also true this year. There have been several posts regarding the subject on this board.

So...sorry to burst your bubble but unless you get an interview form Vandy you have just donated a few dollars to their medical school.

Their website is lame and does not make this clear to applicants. Call the school if you want to verify this
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