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Apr 13, 2015
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Decisions, decisions.

I've gotta choose between Vandy and Pitt and would love insight from those in the know :)

+++ I absolutely love the 2.0 Curriculum and the opportunities that it offers for customization in the 3rd and 4th years
+++ True P/F for clinical clerkships
++ The small class size of 9x people is awesome and I feel like I would get a lot of individualized mentoring here
++ Very strong match list, particularly in competitive specialties ( potentially interested in competitive stuff)
- Nashville is fine, but as a Tennessean, I would love a change of venue
-- Vanderbilt's medical center is very high performing but not as renowned as UPMC

+++ The hospital system is world-class, particularly in some specialties that I am interested in.
+++ Invited to a high-output research lab in my area of interest and Pitt seems to have overall stronger basic science research
++ Pittsburgh is a dope city and I would love to live there for 4 years
++ Match list is just as strong as Vanderbilt's if not more so
- Larger class size and (maybe?) less individualized attention
-- Traditional 2 year preclinical curriculum (though I hear talks about it transitioning to a 1.5 year preclin)

I am absolutely split 50/50 so would love some insights, particularly from current students at either school. Thanks guys :)
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I would say Pitt but I think for you it comes down to location preference and cost since you seem to love both schools
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Apr 24, 2019
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Pitt overall, but P/F clerkships is a good reason to choose Vandy assuming cost isn't that different. Didn't like Nashville when I passed through on a road trip
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I personally liked Vanderbilt better and think it has a better match list, but both are great schools and have fairly equal reputations.
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