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Feb 3, 2005
I ultimately want to practise in Texas. However, I also want the best possible education I can get. I have heard some disturbing "rumors" (which are never any good, but we still listen to them) about Vandy being hard on residents. Galveston supposedly also has a great academic rep. Any advise on this would help, esp. considering today is the day.


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Jul 5, 2003
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I don't know much about Vandy, but Galveston is an excellent program with excellent faculty that are stable and teach a lot. Don Prough is well respected in the anesthesia community, and Chris McQuitty is a great CV chair that we should have hired here when we had the chance. The program has a great book fund, gives you a computer, and the hours are very manageable. Galveston has a great reputation and you would not have any difficulty finding a job in Texas with Galveston on your resume. Fellowship placement is also not a problem.

Negatives: Galveston isn't the prettiest city to live in but most live north between Houston and Galveston. VERY hot, humid summers, but at the same time, you have beaches to go to (even if it is a Texas beach). You have to travel a bit for some of your rotations (Houston, Corpus Christi, etc.). One of my friends who is finishing there told a mutual friend that they are a little more into pimping than he would like but never in a degrading manner.


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Feb 21, 2005
I don't know much about Vandy, but i'm a student at UTMB and i know the department quite well. The earlier comment about dr. prough is true and also the one about perks.
THE biggest problem with this place is galveston, if you have kids...the school district is AWFUL. I'm serious...there are all sorts of elements you want to protect your kids from, but unfortunately because of the low income population that is the nature of the beast. You have to stay off the island to get a decent school district, and that can be quite a hassle. If you don't have kids, even then I would consider living off the island because there isn't a clear distinction between the nice areas and ghetto here. There are only 3-4 major stores...walmart, target(new), home depot, academy...and then your grocery stores...so if your wife is a normal female she'll want to go to clear lake or houston for basically anything nice.
The other thing if you care to know is that they are really Nazisque about morning lectures...if you're late you aren't allowed to sign in. I 'm not sure about how many, but after a couple of late entries you get referred to a committee. It can be a real pain because the lectures are from 6:45 to 7:15am..that's right smack between either getting your room ready or having to run for your case as the OR starts 7:30am.
HOPE this helps.
if there is anything else I can help you with let me know.