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    I was curious what field of surgery has the largest scope of practice? This is a difficult question since any field can have a wide variety from physician to physician, but limited to the academic/teaching setting, who does the widest variety of procedures? I would have guessed gen surg, but many people say they are just belly surgeons these days. My second pick would be gen. ortho, and then I don't know from there. Any comments?
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    Hi there,
    By far, pediatric surgeons have the broadest scope of practice. They do everything except orthopedics. With my pediatric surgeons, I have ligated PDAs, repaired extrophic cloacae, created AV-fistulae, resected chest tumors, performed hepatic trisegmentectomies, skin grafts and bowel resections.

    General surgeons may perform a broad range of cases and not just in the abdomen. Some of the guys that I have worked with do chest cases too but not hearts.

    njbmd :)
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