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Jul 22, 2021
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Hi all,

I am sitting with acceptances from these schools and I could really use everyone’s insight on these schools!


  • Pros
    • Closer to home
    • Friendly faculty and staff
    • Small class size (150 students)
    • Affiliated with Auburn University (access to amenities and research opportunities)
    • Can opt in for a 4 week rotation in the Dominican, Honduras, or El Salvador
    • Beautiful campus
  • Cons
    • Rotation sites are rural and spread out across various
    • Newly established (2014)

PCOM-GA (Suwanee)
  • Pros
    • Near ATL (urban area) - good night life
    • More established
  • Cons
    • I’ve heard they are not financially well off, as in they can not offer as many resources to students compared to other schools (tech, medical instruments, gloves, shoe coverings)
    • Campus classrooms from the virtual tour look horrible

  • Pros
    • Professors are willing to work with students, even though they acknowledge the fact that they will spend 60% of their time present at a single campus
    • Lots of club opportunities
    • Ample housing available
  • Cons
    • 2 campus selections - Knoxville and Harrogate
      • Harrogate is located in the middle of no-where, and has a larger class size
    • No health insurance is offered to students as of now (they said they are working on it)
    • I dislike the synchrony that is implemented between the two campuses during lectures (1 professor will present at one campus, while the lecture is broadcasted live to the other campus)
    • Rotation sites are extremely rural across the Appalachian trail.