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VCOM goes non-mandatory (Sorta)


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Oct 21, 2016
  1. Medical Student
I feel like there are additional changes that need to be addressed, but I feel like this was a step in the right direction. We received an email this morning that we are moving to non-mandatory attendance. Before this, it was an 80% mandatory attendance policy, but now it will be considered “asynchronous” and we are only required to attend labs, certain quizzes (I’m hoping this will eventually be obsolete), guest lecturers, group learning activities, etc. Its not perfect but it seems like I can dedicate more of my time toward Anking and board studying now.

There will be future updates and changes, but I figured I would post this in case anyone will be considering VCOM in the future. Here is the official mandatory learning activities that will be required of OMS1 and OMS2 students:

Mandatory Learning Activities
Mandatory Learning Activities are those that students are required to attend with 100% attendance. Mandatory Learning Activities include:
  • Specialty Lecturer Presentations/Lectures
    Presentation of curricular topics utilizing a lecture format by certain specialty lecturers. Students will have the opportunity to engage in an interactive dialogue designed to foster explanation and clarification of critical concepts.
  • Basic Science Laboratories
    Faculty led demonstrations and interactive sessions, including anatomy laboratories, microbiology laboratories, and histology/pathology laboratories.
  • Clinical Skills Laboratories
    Faculty supervised demonstrations and practical training of history and physical examination skills, including osteopathic manipulative medicine laboratories, standardized patient experiences, clinical simulations, and clinical procedural skill laboratories.
  • Case-Based Learning
    Faculty facilitated clinical application discussions of course materials self-studied in advance by the students.
  • Small-Group Learning
    Faculty facilitated small group learning activities to solve various common basic science and clinical challenges.
  • Examinations and Quizzes
    Assessment sessions including cognitive and psychomotor testing.
  • Early Clinical Experiences
    Students will be assigned to a variety of clinical venues to gain insights into medical practice in the community and practice acquired skills.
  • Additional classes and labs may be designated as mandatory from time to time.
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