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Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by RSXer, Oct 29, 2002.

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    Well, I here's my info from my VCU interview:

    Started at 7:30 and there was only 3 of us!!! There was supposed to be 4, but one was a no-show. The day started with 2 interviews - one from a faculty and the other from a student....each about 1/2 an hour long. The student interview appeared to be blind.

    After this, you wrote an essay. Took about 20 min. My question: Describe how your parents influenced your choice to go to college and professional school.

    Next came the dental assisting. If you have had your hep B series of shots, you were able to assist. Otherwise, you just observed. I assaisted a 3rd year in a composite restoration. We had so much time in the clinic...almost 2 hours long. It was too much time, and would've rather had some time roaming the school. It was still fun, though. So after assisting came a tour and lunch.

    This was done by a 4th year. A quick tour of the floors and then on to lunch at the cafeteria. All you can eat baby!! ;)

    After lunch, your last half hour interview with a faculty member. Then your done!

    Overall impressions: Good school. Clinics appeared to be the pride of the school. Operatories were larger than opther schools I've been to. Patient population appeared to be a little more of a problem than the other schools I've been to. City is clean, and the safest of all the other inteviews I've been to. Interview day was a bit sparse. No lecture from the dean, no introduction, no financial lecture (which I liked actually); lunch with only that one 4th year student. Not much chance to speak with other students. Students seem to be happy there and are a close knit group.

    Interview questions: Again, a lot of it was specific to my situation, but here are the ones that may come up a lot:
    -Why dentistry?
    -What qualities do you think makes a good dentist? How does this translate to you?
    -What do you mean by good clinical skills?
    -manual dexterity activities?

    Okay. other VCU inteviewers, give some feedback!
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    any changes on these questions ??

    i have my interview there soon so i am getting little nervous

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