Vent Frustration

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Jan 6, 2019
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I may be an outsider but I think this is a wonderful place to talk about issues if I'm allowed to do it on this forum (I apologize if this is not accepted). I would even volunteer myself as a mock patient. I am one that has a bilateral cookie-bite hearing loss. I have been in the medical field as an EMT and have educated myself to the point to understand audiograms, masking, SRT, etc.

I have never been able to sit down and have a long consultation to know who will be handling my hearing healthcare. When I explain my history, it goes out the window is what it looks like. My problems need to be heard. I've bounced between seeing an audiologist and a hearing aid specialist. I've lost 17 years without wearing a hearing aid because I couldn't trust anybody or know who to see that will listen to me and I was sick of hearing loud sounds. I can see that it was a bad thing because a doctor out there said, "use it or lose it".

My cookie-bite HL is very hard to treat (trial and error) and seeing an audiologist and two hearing aid specialists last year, they think they know-it-all and did not take my history literally. I have tried the new technology near the end of last year and was taken back of how good the clarity was for the Opticon. I am stuck with the Starkey. I wish there was a way to try all the brand names. "You don't know until you try it", is what I think. There are times that I think I should program my own devices because my hearing fluctuates.

Listen to your clients or patients, they know their own hearing problems.

I welcome any questions.


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So, I am not a provider as of yet but just like you I have bilateral hearing loss. Cookie bite is something I haven’t heard of, yet. From what I’ve gathered reading about it just briefly before this response is that this type of hearing loss is sensorineural (permanent) and it’s mostly congenital. We’re you having a hard time hearing as a child? When were you diagnosed? I need more background info :) please.

I’ve also struggled with audiologists and this is MY personal opinion.. the masters degree holding audiologists are not adequately trained. I had three miss a giant tumor in my head because my hearing was fine, but my vestibular dysfunction wasn’t a big enough red flag for them. Asinine. Immense frustration! Anyway, enough about me lol.

I believe audiologists get into a rhythm and become complacent. As for HIS I have no idea about them except certification? They’re not adequately equipped to treat complex hearing conditions? I don’t know.