Jan 15, 2013
I've done a few FLs and I keep scoring either 5 or 6 on my verbal. As usual, PS and BS are fine where they are. I'm not worried about those sections at all. I'm wondering if anyone here on these forums went from a 4-6 score to a 10+ score on there actual MCAT? And if so, what preparation you used and any and all strategies? I'm open to using EK 101 or TPRH, but I'm not sure if I'm "reviewing" the passages right. What was the exact time you used/passage at the beginning of your studying (approx. 1 month in)? 20 mins? 7 mins? Untimed? and how did you go about reviewing your passages? Did you just review the questions w/ the explanation? I feel like that's not helping me, I keep getting passages wrong and questions wrong and don't want to burn up through my resources. I'm worried i'm not learning from reviewing. If you improved, please let me know how, I'm open to try anything! Happy studying peepz! And thanks :)!