Medical Very low GPA - what are my options for med school?

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Mar 22, 2021
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I graduated with a 2.5 GPA. Got a 515 on the MCAT, have research experience, and volunteer hours? How can I boost my GPA now that I have graduated? I believe MD schools don't care about Master's unless its an SMP, but a postbacc sounds good right?

It's easier said than done, as I will probably go into teaching anyway.

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Agree about that last line, does that mean that you probably won't go through with it and instead go into teaching?

If you want to go to med school with that GPA, the best bet is probably an SMP. A post bacc could show that you are able to handle the courses and could do the trick, but it's a bit less convincing. Basically with something that low without some form of nepotism or the like, you're looking at a hail mary approach, which is basically what an SMP is for all intents and purposes. You could try out the post bacc first though to see how things go. Depending on your time line, a post bacc doesn't rule out an SMP.
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