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Nov 24, 2008
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I am an african 21 yr old woman.I am currently studying for a BSc (honours) in Wildlife management and I will graduate in 2010.I desparately want to study Vet and dream of one day practicing.I have worked at a Vet clinic,I am currently an intern at a zoo/bioba
nk/wildlife vet clinic and will be working with animals for at least a yr.

My problem is that I cannot afford to study vet that is why I settled for this BSc I'm currently doing.Does anyone know how I can successfully reach this dream of mine.It seems totally absurd to plan to study vet with no money,but I cant imagine myself doing anything else.


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May 24, 2008
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Search your school for scholarships, search the vet school you want to study for's website to see if they have scholarships, look at your bank, they might have some, if you are part of any clubs or any societies, they might have some, do a google search -there's lots of websites where you can get scholarships and bursaries.

I'm potentially going abroad for vet school, and I do not have the money in the bank or my pocket to pay for it. Most people don't and you always have the option to use private loans, bank loans, government loans etc.
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