Veterinary MPH at U of MN

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Nov 12, 2023
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I work with our DVM/MPH program here at the University of Minnesota and would be happy to answer any questions you have about adding an MPH to your DVM.

Our MPH program is led by a veterinarian and can be done completely online.

It is open to students admitted to or currently enrolled at any AVMA-accredited vet school; right now we have students from 19 different DVM programs pursuing the MPH at Minnesota. All students pay in-state tuition for the MPH and we are able to transfer in (at no charge) 1/3 of the MPH from your DVM. You will have access to electives taught by veterinarians and will be in online classes with other veterinary students and practicing DVMs.

We are proud of our 250+ MPH grads and are thrilled to count them as colleagues and mentors for MPH students or those interested in/considering veterinary public health.

Our program is flexible, accessible, and highly regarded.

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