Sep 18, 2017
I have read articles that mention virtual pharmacist counseling jobs and telepharmacy, and I have heard people say they know a friend of a friend who does it, but I can't find any actual companies hiring for it. I know that hospital remote order entry technically falls into this category, but that's not what I'm talking about. I am referring to these mystical unicorn jobs that insurance companies, and mail order companies, and some other collaborative arrangements are suppose to be offering. Does anyone actually know of a company that's hiring for this? Have any of you actually done this? I'm especially interested in virtual pharmacy jobs that can be done from any location, and not a designated office. I have read that they are suppose to be the future, but so far, I'm not seeing any.


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I actually work that sort of job directly as well as at least 4-5 of us on this board. You should look at the other postings on industry, PBM, and government work. In my case though, I did some graduate work, and I did start as a plain old ambulatory care pharmacist. Never did the residency, couldn't care less.

Now, it does mean that you're going to have to do something unusual or be willing to accept lesser conditions. If you want an alternate pharmacy job right now, I can tell you that DC is hiring for Consumer Safety Officers in FDA and mail order pharmacists in VA's CMOP (mail order). You don't need residencies or other unusual qualifications, but you do have to possibly live and be willing to move somewhere that you might not like and accept pay beneath the market in the starting jobs.

I sacrifice nothing today, but I'm sure that the others who made it into PBM did something or were extremely lucky in their job contacts and such. Doesn't matter what the antecedent is so long as you get in. But, those unicorn jobs are real work too, the "parties and plaques" industry jobs still require social grace and relationship management which are skills most pharmacists do not normally have. In my job, everyone I work with who are DC staff attempt to channel their inner Malcolm Tucker and Francis Underwood (and plot better than either of them), so survival = victory at the end of the week.

If you are doing the Deerfield or Providence route, you either hire directly to them at their locations or you have to spend some time working before they trust you enough to put you in one of their remote jobs (or be willing to work for so beneath the market rates that it's a win for them).
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Yeah, most people who get these jobs, were already working for the company or they had a good network connection. These jobs are typically not ever posted, because they are filled internally. If you search, there have been threads before about these work from home pharmacist jobs.
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