Semental Blanco
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Nov 15, 2001
My situation is I have grown up around horses and competed in every discipline, from driving, to eventing, to gymkhanas, to polo, etc. One would say I am very experienced around horses, and have just seen a lot, and provided a lot of care to sick horses over the past 19 years.
I want to become a equine vet, horses are my number 1 interest. Would you recommend I volunteer at an equine hospital, or should I diversify and volunteer at a small animal clinic, where I could benefit from learning how to hold and care for a cat or hamster? My small animal experience is good but limited, much beyond dogs, I have a lot to learn. Would seeing this side of veterinary medicine make my application stronger, or should I follow my passion?


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Dec 10, 2005
You should have experience with a variety of animals, and also a variety of fields in veterinary medicine for different types of animals. For example animal pharmaceutical companys, breeder farms, research -- etc... that is what would make you application look good and balanced -- showing your interest in animals and veterinary medicine in general. By you application they will see your interest in the equine species, but they do want to see balance. You are applying for the love of the animal AND the job -- you should show you would want to help a variety of animals.

I am, like you, a equine lover myself. I've done Hunter, Jumper and a bit of Xcountry when I have time (XC still scares me a bit, I'm definitly a stadium girl). And I am also applying to vet school in the coming years, I am unsure if I want to specialize in horses, but it could be a possibility. I have heard though, in other people's opinions, that you shouldn't make your hobby your job in the animal world -- depending your lively-hood on animals you love is hard work -- they do become your job. But I do believe this kind of talk applies only in general, not to everyone.
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