Jun 30, 2020
  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)

We are the development team of a just-released medically accurate gaming software with living, breathing organs that you can explore, dissect and simulate specific diseases and treatments.
The goal of our software is to EMPOWER:
Students who want a deeper understanding of the human body;
Educators who want to create more memorable and effective learning materials;
Health Care Professionals looking for better Patient Education Materials;
AND anyone else passionate about learning about their body, health and how it works!

Download Link on Steam:
VR Version - Sharecare YOU VR


Our original version of the software was in Virtual Reality (Sharecare VR) and became one of the most loved VR medical education “games” in the world. Schools like Yale School of Medicine, University of Toronto and Tel Aviv University have been using it and thanks to their support, we have built an even more comprehensive desktop version. The Sharecare YOU PRO version is designed with a “build-your-own” videos feature.

Our team would be happy to hear any feedback from you as well as answer your questions.

Sharecare Reality Lab

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