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Aug 12, 2005
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just wanted to let out a little frustration...

i've only taken two practice tests so far for the august test, and realistically i'll probably plug in at least a handful more before MCAT day.

my scores were 8 PS 9 VS 9 BS
and 8 PS 10 VS 9 BS

i feel like my scores are literally always one or two questions behind the elusive 10...well, minus my PS score. for some reason i really blow at it.

anybody have any advice to really hone in on those last steps needed to make the one or two point jump? i figure if i keep on reviewing my concepts and go over why i missed what questions it will help...but how much?



is TOOOOO big
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Jun 20, 2006
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What is tripping you up in PS, is it the chem or physics. If it's always the same thing then you know where to focus

What kind of tests are you taking?

TRP tests I got 28 then 28 but on AAMC5R i got 33. Just remember that review company tests are made harder than the real thing, you should almost be there.
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