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Waiting for CS result, one day left!

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15+ Year Member
Jan 24, 2005
  1. Medical Student
just got this from our dean's office, so don't wait up tonight in hopes your scores will be released! Now going to be wednesday at 11am :rolleyes:.

On October 1, the NBME began to post USMLE scores to the Medical School Portal at the same time they were available to your students, which, since August 2007, had been

12:00 am Eastern Time. This was done after student affairs deans raised concerns in July 2008 about the time lag between score release to students and posting to the portal.

We then received further feedback from GSA members that the 12:00 am posting would continue to adversely affect students who failed or whose performance was sub-optimal, since they would be without counseling support until later in the morning.

We have again modified the timeline, effective Wednesday, December 3, 2008:

1. The release of scores will typically occur at 11:00 am Eastern Time on Wednesdays. Scores will be available to students via the Licensing Examination Services website and to schools via the Medical School Portal simultaneously.

NOTE: It is possible that due to server slowness or other technical problems on a Wednesday which features the release of a large number of score reports, it may sometimes be necessary to depart from the 11:00 am release schedule. Students may also experience delays in accessing their results.

2. Students will receive their e-mail notifications around 10:00 am on the day of their scheduled score release. Please note that this is a change from the process that was implemented in October, when students received e-mail notifications on the previous day.

Because the USMLE “contract” is with the examinee, we cannot release scores to the medical schools first. While this was done in the past when examinees received their score reports via “snail mail”, the transition to electronic score reporting made it possible for us to become better aligned with USMLE policy.

We hope that this adjustment will smooth things out. Feel free to pass this along to your students, since they will not be specifically notified of the change in the timing of the score release.

Melanie Nelson
Senior Program Officer
Medical School Programs
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