Wake Forest Secondary--at one sitting?

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Jun 28, 2001
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I was getting ready to fill out the WFU secondary, and I noticed that it said that we should allocate enough time to complete the entire app at once. For those who have done it--is there no way to save your work on that application?

ALSO--for those who have yet to hear from WFU--I had not heard from them at all, so finally I emailed them--and later that day, without explanation or personal note, they emailed me the form-letter secondary invite. I was a little ticked, because it seems to me that they screwed up and meant to send it earlier, and the least they could do is let me know one line about what happened. Anyhow, those still waiting may consider emailing them.

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nevermind, y'all...I answered my own question... :)
Did you find a way to save, j99? I find it really annoying to have to do it in one sitting! :mad:
Nope, no way to save, so far as I can tell. I just copied down the essay questions, and I'll work on them offline. Then (hopefully sometime soon) I'll just paste everything on the app--thankfully, beyond the essays, there isn't much on there...