Oct 28, 2020
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  1. Pre-Medical
My 2020-21 cycle has led to 0 IIs so at this point I am prepping for a re-app. I honestly don't know what went wrong other than a poor school list, so I'm looking for advice for a new list as well as any shortcomings in my application.

cGPA/sGPA: 3.59(HS 3.49, 2.97, 3.78, 3.90, 3.76)/3.66. I was originally a Computer Science major but switched after my first year which really dropped my GPA.

MCAT: 509 (126/128/128/127)

Clinical hours: ~2000 as an ophthalmic assistant and medical assistant for a primary care clinic

Shadowing: 100 hours with peds pulm and primary care doctors

Research: 200 hours over 6 months on 1 project (which ended in a poster presentation and soon a mid-author publication), 380 hours over 1 year with biomechanics and ergonomics lab, and 250 hours over 8 weeks with the pediatric pulmonology department at NYMC

Volunteering: 30 hours over 1 college semester tutoring public highschoolers with reading/writing/college apps, ~1300 hours from 2014-2020 as a volunteer firefighter (although a majority of the hours came from high school, I accumulated ~300-400 during college), 150 hours over 2.5 years as a volunteer with Special Olympics (started with a small unofficial group and 1 annual event but worked to found an official club and affiliated chapter on campus)

Extracirrurlars: 3250 hours over 2.5 years as a Resident Assistant, 1800 hours over 5 years as an athlete with an intercollegiate club sport, 450 hours over 3.5 years as an intramural referee for a part-time job

Since Primary Submission: Full-time job as a surgical residency support coordinator since late July, everything else has been canceled for COVID.

NY resident, living in MA for the past 6 years
Georgetown (R)
GW (R)
Tulane (R)
Chicago Medical School (R)
Wake Forrest (R)
Tufts (R)
NYMC (hold)
SUNY Upstate (hold)
SUNY Downstate
Stony Brook
Michigan State
Penn State
Virginia Tech

I think I was too low-yield heavy for my stats but I welcome any advice on what schools I should add for the next cycle. I will apply to both MD and DO. I also welcome advice on what I should do to improve my application for the next cycle. I am thinking of retaking the MCAT if I can improve significantly, but if I do that I will not have much time to do volunteering. Any tips?
Jun 5, 2020
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  1. Non-Student
I'm no AdCom, but your EC's seem pretty strong. Stronger than many who have been accepted. I think your stats are probably holding you back. If you can get a balanced 513 or so on the MCAT, you should be good. You might add Oakland-Beaumont and Wayne State as well as SUNY Buffalo (and Einstein if MCAT score is 514-515). You might try VCU as well.

You might also get some help with your writing if you think your secondaries were mediocre. Good luck!
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