Jan 12, 2021
This is my first time applying to vet school, I am going to take a gap year after the spring semester. My ideal would be Virginia-Maryland which is IS for me but I am wondering what my chances would be with these stats? Also looking at Ross, Penn, Royal Vet, Edinburgh, Colorado State, and Dublin.

I have approx 1500 hours right now which looks below average for many applicants and my GPA is pretty average. A concern I have is that I took Orgo2 and got a D+ which HURT my science GPA and not acceptable by some schools I am looking at (Purdue). I am wondering if it is worth taking the class again and risking a bad grade after 2 years.

Cumulative GPA: 3.67
science GPA: 3.59 (55 science credits- 7 left)
last 45: 3.7-3.8

Biology BA and Statistics Minor

GRE results: not yet taken (super nervous - I have studied on and off but I have not yet hunkered down)

Veterinary Experience:

- Shadowing veterinarian at small animal clinic for 50 hours, then returned after college and worked as a veterinary assistant at the same clinic and with the same veterinarian for a summer 100-150 hours
- Helped a veterinarian at a wool farm she owns- fed calves, chickens, llamas, dogs 50 hours
- Currently working part-time at an animal shelter as a Surgical Veterinary Assistant while I complete school -390 hours done so far, will likely continue working here during the next year.

Animal Experience:
-Lost Dog and Cat Foundation volunteer 20 hours and Animal Welfare Club President (this was in HS so Idk if it counts)
- Animal Riding Therapy horses/donkeys. 144 hours

Research Experience:

Biomedical Research which I did for approx. 4 months but it was essentially me feeding newborn rabbits which were euthanized monthly after other research assistants exposed them to a virus, but I got too attached after seeing the animals every day so I *discontinued* (180 hours)
Psychology Research studying how hand holding plays a role in the behavior of individuals in relationships through the use of EKGs (144 hours)


-Deans list 3 years
-VetTRAC Summer Program- spent day in a slaughterhouse, farm, and clinic

-Oxfam America Club Representative and Marketing Chair- Humanitarian organization to combat poverty and inequality
-University Judiciary Committee
-United2Heal Director of Fundraising- collect/ donate medical materials to 3rd world countries

-Rehabilitation clinic and exotics/small animal clinic receptionist 300 hours, Small animal clinic receptionist 384 hours
-Animal Behavior Class TA- 20 hours
- Currently working at Animal Shelter


vmcvm '25
May 11, 2020
Status (Visible)
  1. Pre-Veterinary
I just got into VMCVM as an in-sate Virginia applicant. I had a 3.9 GPA, but only about 520 vet hours and no research experience. VMCVM gives you full points in the vet experience section as long as you have at least 100 hours. Having more hours won't help you directly, but it will help you indirectly by helping you write stronger essays and get better LORs. I'm not sure how they'll look at your ochem2 grade since its not a prerequisite. That might be a question for admissions. Having research experience is definitely a plus for any school that you apply to. I would change your receptionist jobs and animal shelter job to animal or vet experience. If Drs were present and available for you to ask questions, then I'd count it as vet experience. Animal/vet experience should always be prioritized over employment experience. Overall, you seem to have a pretty good variety of experiences. Just be able to explain what you learned and liked/disliked about each and why. I think you'd have a pretty good shot at VMCVM as long as you finish your last semester on a high note and your essays and LORs are strong. :)
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