WAMC: 3.6/514 ORM. No clue what I'm doing, sitting on 90 schools.

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Aug 10, 2015
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Year in school: Graduated May 2018 from UF

Country/state of residence: FL

Cumulative GPA: 3.6

Science GPA: 3.6

MCAT Scores: 514 (126/131/127/130)

Research – include any abstracts/posters/publications and how you were credited (eg. First author, senior author, etc): 3 posters (1 cell bio, 2 quality improvement for clinic), 1 publication in high-impact journal 3rd author (policy paper in annals of EM). 600 hours working in rad onc lab, 300 hours working in cell bio lab.

Volunteering (clinical) – include hours/sites: 595 in free student-run clinic. Direct patient contact

Physician shadowing – include hours/specialties: 140 - primary care, gen surg, neuro surg, rad onc, EM

Non-clinical volunteering: 500 hours working with a single underprivileged student in an innovative family unit in Baltimore City

Extracurricular activities: 1st place and finalist in two global health competitions, intern in treasury department at major international bank, writer/editor/editor-in-chief for an on-campus publication, voting member of direction committee for Student Health Care Center, founding member of university mental health task force, attended stanford summer policy program

Employment history: 5000 hours working at the foremost health policy institution in the country as a federal employee, interning for a high-impact journal where I am paid to write articles based on original research and credited as sole author, bizdev intern for a medtech start-up in India that provides cardiology services throughout the developing world

Immediate family members in medicine? (y/n): No

Specialty of interest: Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine

Graduate degrees: No

Interest in rural health (y/n): No

School list
1. Einstein
2. BU
3. Baylor
4. Albany
5. Cal Northstate
6. CalU Science and Medicine
7. Case
8. FAU
9. Rosalind
10. Columbia
11. Cooper
12. Hofstra
13. Drexel
14. Duke
15. Emory
16. FIU
17. FSU
18. Geisel/Dartmouth
19. Geisinger
20. GWU
21. Georgetown
22. Harvard
23. EVMS
24. Seton Hall
25. Icahn
26. Indiana
27. Jacobs @ buffalo
28. JHU
29. Kaiser Permanente
30. Keck
31. Temple
32. Loyola Chicago
33. Mayo Alix
34. MC Wisconsin
35. Medical College of Georgia Augusta
36. MUSC
37. NYU
38. NYU Long Island
39. NYMC
40. Feinberg
41. Nova
42. OSU
43. Beaumont
44. OHSU
45. Penn State
46. UPenn
47. Stony Brook
48. UVermont
49. Rush
50. Rutgers
51. Rutgers RWJ
52. SLU
53. Thomas Jefferson Sidney Kimmel
54. Stanford
55. SUNY Downstate
56. SUNY Upstate
57. Brown
58. Tufts
59. Tulane
60. UCLA
61. UCSF
62. UCF
63. UChicago
64. UColorado
65. UConn
66. UF
67. UCIrvine
68. UIllinois
69. UIowa
70. UMass
71. UMiami
72. UMich
73. UNC
74. UPitt
75. URochester
76. UTennessee
77. UVA
78. UWisconsin
79. USF
80. Vanderbilt
81. VCU
82. VTech
83. Wake Forest
84. WashU
85. Wayne State
86. Weill Cornell
87. Western Michigan
88. Yale
89. UT Austin
90. UT SW.

Notes: I've had my application reviewed by some admissions consultants, as well as two adcoms, and I've been told that while my numbers are fairly average, the rest of my application is "exceptionally strong". My LOR's are going to go to bat for me too, so that aspect of my application is solid too. I'm deeply interested in health policy (given my employment history) and usually the institutions that have strong policy research programs are T-30's. Despite that, I know it's all a gamble, so I'm asking for your help. Also, money is of no issue to me because I've been saving for two years, so I'm willing to blow whatever the **** it takes to get in to a school and along the way apply to all my reaches. Dartmouth and UPenn are my dream schools. CAVEAT: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING
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Sep 15, 2012
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Many of the schools on your list are unrealistic with your stats and you also have many state public schools that accept few non residents with your stats and no connection to the state. Here is a more realistic list:
U Florida
Florida State
USF Morsani
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Central Florida
St. Louis
Rosalind Franklin
Medical College Wisconsin
Western Michigan
Oakland Beaumont
Wayne State
New York Medical College
Seton Hall
George Washington
Wake Forest
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May 16, 2020
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Don't take Dartmouth off the list; they have a health policy institute and accept a lot of nontraditional applicants, especially those with a long history of service.