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WAMC 518, 3.79 GPA


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Jan 3, 2019
WAMC: MCAT: 518 (128/129/131/130) GPA: 3.79 sGPA: 3.75

White female from underserved area, middle class. Parents have bachelors but no family in medicine.

Major: Molecular and cellular biology major, graduated in May 2019. Graduated w High research distinction, deans list most of my time in school. Studied abroad at prestigious university in a well known in its field lab and took a masters course abroad.

Research: 2.5 years research exp, 4 months in lab abroad, Rest of time in lab at home institution, 1 paper in press (3rd author) Multiple posters, including a public health presentation and posters on my work in my 2 labs, has been an author on a total of 5 posters presented around the world.
320 hours in lab abroad
1800 hours in home lab

Volunteering: 350 hours w Habitat for humanity, small leadership position. 100 hours hospital volunteering. Currently doing a twice weekly volunteering gig at a literacy and math tutoring project for adults, so far have 50 hours and will note that I can't estimate hours due to COVID19 and volunteering gig paused.

Volunteered as a tutor and academic mentor in my sorority (25 hours)

Shadowing: 30 hours shadowing OBGYN. 50 hours shadowing infectious disease nurses, will get 40 hours shadowing GI soon.

Employment: Worked 2 years as a job coach from individuals w developmental disabilities, (full time in summer and part time soph and junior year) 1000 hours
1 year as an intro chem TA 550 hours
Currently a clinical researcher at a med school doing mostly pharma studies but will have name on 1-2 projects that are investigator initiated, works in multiple departments 4000 hours

LORs Presumptions on LORs since I haven’t read them, but 1 very strong from undergrad PI, 2 moderate from science professors, and 1 very strong from current PI.

I’m just trying to figure out where I should apply for 2021 cycle, based in Illinois.

Illinois, WashU, SIU, Temple, Dartmouth, Vermont, Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota, SLU, Loyola

Any other ideas? Not tied to Midwest.
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Sep 15, 2012
  1. Attending Physician
I suggest these schools with your stats:
Rosalind Franklin
Washington University
St. Louis
Western Michigan
Medical College Wisconsin
Boston University
Mount Sinai
Case Western
USF Morsani
Oct 14, 2011
  1. Academic Administration
Especially if you are coming from a medically underserved area, do your homework and find out which schools in-state have taken more students similar to you. Hence the AMSA networking, especially if you are looking at options outside your region. Just noting: your chances are that cost of attendance will be cheaper at your in-state option, and you should look to see if there may be some scholarships offered to students who come from your part of the state or have a similar socioeconomic background (scholarships that you could be eligible for once you are a medical student or graduate from med school). If you are inclined for primary care, consider the NHSC scholarship opportunity to help defray costs more.
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