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WAMC for entry/ MCAT goal


New Member
Jun 30, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hello, I am going to be applying for med school next summer. Lately I've been feeling down about my chances given my somewhat low gpa. Here is my story..

Graduated with a BS in nursing in 2018 (GPA 3.415)
Took Ochem 1 & 2 (w/ lab), Physics 1 & 2 (w/ lab) and biochem recently at a different 4-year university and received all A's... this would bring my GPA up to 3.52.
Have been working as a registered nurse for over 2 years (will be 3 when I apply). I've worked in medical ICU, step-down and Trauma ICU
Took an 8 week travel contract during COVID to help an inner city Chicago hospital (I'll probably take another one here soon!)
College activities: was a part of Alpha Phi for 3 years, Aspiring Nurses Association, volunteered for a free/underserved populations my senior year of nursing school.
I have been a CNA since I was 16 years old working in both long term and acute care facilities.

For healthcare experience, I have a lot. GPA/research/volunteer not as much. I plan to start volunteering this fall.

What do you think my chances are for getting in (TX schools specifically since that's where I am a resident)
What MCAT score should I aim for?
Any other suggestions/tips? Thanks!!
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Full Member
May 23, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
I think a 3.5 with a 510+ MCAT will make you competitive for TX medical schools. The fact that you have all A's after your break from college will speak volumes about the student you are now and not the student you were before. Might want to do a few more non-clinical EC's along with way but other than that I think you're looking pretty strong.
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