WAMC for UC Davis: Decently above average grades/experience but slightly below average GRE

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Feb 13, 2020
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  1. Pre-Veterinary
Hello friends,

I'm currently a junior at Smith College and am applying in the 2021-22 cycle. I'm applying to quite a few schools but since I'm a California resident, my top choice is Davis. I have gotten decent grades so far even in quarantine/beginning of my upper level science classes, but am worried about my GRE Q score since it is slightly below the average for in-state residents. I'm debating on whether or not to take the test again to try and boost my odds since I still have the time. I've provided my general stats below for reference. Any advice would be much appreciated to soothe my anxiety riddled brain :)

Schools I'm applying to: UC Davis, Western, Tufts, Cornell, Purdue, Penn, Ohio State, U of Illinois, U of Iowa.

Cumulative GPA: 3.79-3.80 (so far, when I apply probably around 3.80-3.85)

Science GPA: 3.75 (so far, when I apply probably a 3.80)

Last 45: probably around 3.87-3.92 depending on if I survive E&M

Any degrees achieved:

I will graduate in 2022 with a Biology degree (w/a chem minor)

GRE results: (Q/V/W): 158/160/4

Veterinary Experience:
- Shadowing exotic/mixed animal vet (50hrs)
- Summer internship with (now retired) vet oncologist (100 hrs)
- Ongoing vet assistant internship with GP vet (currently 250 hrs, on hold b/c covid)
- Remote vet assistant internship in Summer 2020 making client summaries for veterinary oncologist (200 hrs)
-Vet assistant at GP clinic in fall 2020/winter 2021 (600 hrs by the end)
Future Vet experiences that I have lined up (may change depending on COVID):
100 ish hours shadowing equine vet in summer 2021
300 ish hours working at NEWC in summer 2021
600 more at CA GP clinic
Total (hopefully): 2100
SA: 1300
LA: 100
Oncology: 250
Exotics/Wildlife: 450

Animal Experience (1140 total):
Cat shelter (500 hrs)
Rabbit rescue (300 hrs)
Part time cattle farm hand (50 hrs)
Various cat/dog sitting (400 hrs)
Horseback riding helper at equestrian center (100 hrs)

Research Experience:
intern at USC molecular biology lab in high school- studied eye disk gene expression in fruit flies (~200 hrs)

- Smith College Presidential Scholarship
- National Latin Exam Perfect Score 2015
- Outstanding Performer Award (high school band)
- 3 time local clarinet competition winner

Orchestra assistant principal clarinet player (eventually principal)
Business Manager of orchestra
Pre-vet club treasurer
Fire & Safety chair in my dorm
high school band (Wind Symphony)
high school orchestra- principal clarinet
Chemistry club in HS
Section leader in high school marching band
mentor to elementary school music students

Non animal Employment:
Lifeguard at college pool
Lifeguard at mother beach (5 summers)
Camp counselor at summer camp for high school girls
Assistant director at rabbit rescue in summer 2020
Sep 18, 2020
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  1. Pre-Veterinary
Hi! I applied this cycle and have similar stats. For the initial ranking Davis only takes the following into account (for out of state residents, and in state residents). I have entered mine in:

Last 45: 3.95
Science Cumulative GPA: 3.74
Quantitative GRE: 161 (75%)
LOR's: score is unknown to me

Then after ranking, some in state residents get holistically reviewed if they are not in the top 25%. This means looking at all of your extracurriculars. Hopefully this was helpful to you! I will post an update if I get an interview or not.
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