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WAMC - help for comm-serve oriented schools?


New Member
Feb 26, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hello! My school list could really use some help. I'd really appreciate if you could recommend me some schools that would be in my target range for applying!
I graduated in 3 years, and am going to Americorps next year!
  • Major in Biology and Society (1 major)
  • Asian Female, in Michigan
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.78
  • Science GPA: 3.71
    • I had a U-shaped trend, where my sophomore year I got a few B's.
  • MCAT Scores: 518

  • Research:
    • Evolutionary Bio research (1 year, junior-> present)
      • 2 papers drafted for publication (1st author on both) and 1 poster presentation (cancelled by COVID). My research was given the highest award by my school's undergraduate research program this year.
    • Cell Biology research on (2 years, freshman->sophomore)
      • No publications. Became the lab manager my sophomore year.
  • Volunteering (clinical) – include hours/sites: 1000~ hrs total (3 years)
    • 300 hours a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in a free clinic for patients without health insurance. I worked as a nurse in the clinic (taking blood glucose, urine tests, A1C, etc).
    • 700 hours at VA hospital (200 in endoscopy and 500 at the front desk pushing wheelchairs)
  • Physician shadowing – include hours/specialties: 35 hours
    • 15 official hours in different departments of nephrology (ICU, INU, Acute) & 20 hours in primary care
  • Non-clinical volunteering: 550 hours total
    • 320 hours volunteering at an elementary school as Pre-K teacher's assistant. I worked specifically with the kids with disabilities throughout the day.
    • 140 hours in a public elementary school coaching for Science Olympiad. Half the students at this school were illiterate and had no science teaching in the past - i later came back and raised almost $1000 & school supplies for this school.
    • 50 various hours in my sorority as philanthropy chair working for the Science Olympiad school.
    • 10 hours with Shopping Angels - we go grocery shopping for the elderly during COVID-19.
    • 20 hours sewing masks for hospitals during COVID-19.
  • Extracurricular activities/Employment
    • TA for Physics I class (2 years)
    • Philanthropy Chair for my sorority (1 year); i raised almost $1000 for the nonprofit that I worked with in elementary schools. I planned a huge charity show and my sorority was so moved by the nonprofit's work that they continued to work with them!
    • Program Coordinator for a club (1 year) that connects college students to be pen-pals with elementary school kids
    • Fundraising Chair (1 year) in my pre-health fraternity

My current schools: - trying to add more
MD: (I want specifically to be a primary care doctor, so I am applying to many PC-focused schools)
Michigan State-CHM
Central Michigan University
Wayne State
Oakland University
University of Michigan
Ohio State
Penn State
NYU - Long Island
Stony Brook University

DO: - trying to add more!
Michigan State-COM
Lake Erie - COM

thank you all :)
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