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Dec 15, 2019
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Would someone be able to give me some feedback on my chances?

Canadian Applicant (Visible Minority)
First Time Applicant
148 General Dentist shadow hours
Started university club, Club Executive for 2 clubs and a student's association
2 years of lab experience (1 year employed, 1 year at university - not able to submit for publication due to COVID19)
LOR: research prof, science prof, 2 dentists

oGPA: 3.2
sGPA: 3.1

Canadian DAT:
AA - 21
PAT - 23
RC - 24
BIO - 20
CHEM - 20
TS - 20

I am likely applying to 12 schools (the Canadian Friendly ones, private ones, etc.) since I know my chances are decreased due to my GPA. I am hopeful my shadow hours, extracurriculars, and DAT are enough to offset my GPA. Any advice or feedback is appreciated!


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Oct 19, 2019
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  1. Dental Student
Your gpa is pretty low.. usually applicants with this gpa have an amazing dat (24aa) to balance it out
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